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Seminar with Dai Shihan Juan Manuel Serrano (15. Dan)

15.-17. June 2018

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Bujinkan Dojo Tübingen is pleased to welcome Dai Shihan Juan Manuel Serrano again in southern Germany!

Juan Manuel is a well recognized person in the worldwide Bujinkan community. He received the 10th Dan in 1998 directly from Hatsumi Sensei at the TaiKai in Italy. Since then, he bears the Bujinkan name GEKIRYU "Dragon of Combat". His dojo will soon be 20 years old. During this time he has been teaching his understanding of Bujinkan on countless journeys through Spain, Europe and Latin America. We met him at a seminar in Zurich and perceived as an outstanding teacher, who transfers both, the physical and the philosophical aspects of Bujinkan in a very understandable and "down to earth" fashion. Also,he always has a funny saying in peto. We are looking forward to a weekend full of martial arts and fun time with our international buyu friends. Ganbatte Kudasai!

Further information on Juan Manuel Serrano on his website:
Training plan

18:00 – 20:00 o'clock: Training, topic: KIHON HAPPOU GYOKUSHI RYU


12:00 – 18:00 o'clock: Training, topic: SHINKEN SHIRAHA DOME

20:00 – open end: joint dinner with JuanMa (optional)


11:00 – 16:00 o'clock: Training, topic: GOSHIN JUTSU MUTO DORI TANTO

There will be some sandwiches, water and coffee in the lunch break available.

Training places



Lorettoplatz 2

72072 Tübingen

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You can park in the Hechinger Strasse or in the park house "Lorettoplatz".

Saturday + Sunday

Sportinstitut Tübingen

Alberstrasse 27

72074 Tübingen
Friday: 30 EUR

Saturday or sunday: 50 EUR

Whole weekend (+Friday): 80 EUR


There is a discount for Shihans.

Until 01.04.2018 there is an early bird discount.

There is also a discount for groups of 5 or more.

The whole weekend costs in all cases 70 EUR per person.

Sleeping in our dojo is possible and costs 5 EUR per night.

Further hotels in the city (please those book yourself):

Jugendherberge Tübingen
Hermann-Kurz-Straße 4
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IBIS Hotel Tübingen
Friedrichstraße 20
72072 Tübingen

Hotel Metropol Garni
Reutlinger Str. 7
72072 Tübingen

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